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Is a Michigan licensed Real Estate Developer and Agent with over 8 years in the field of Real Estate, Construction, Hospitality Business, Marketing, and Asset/Property/ Project Management. Has a Degree from Michigan State University, specialized in business and hospitality. He has managed over 300 Multi-Family units, trained in all areas of the development, property management and operations of a casino, mixed-use properties, apartment communities, and hotels. He was a managing partner of a construction company; giving him extensive project management and business insight. He helped oversee a 700-unit property management company, giving him a robust asset management and community development perspective. 
His goal to be a sustainable developer has cultivated several different skills necessary to assess, determine, obtain, develop, and lead all real estate projects. His background has given him a competitive advantage in the industry to be innovative, efficient, and strategic. Has worked within a multi-family, residential and commercial, brokerage fields to find, determine, develop, and execute millions of dollars in real estate assets. He has procured over several millions of dollars in real estate transactions and performed due-diligence on 100’s of million dollars in assets. Brent has a strong focus on leadership, environmentalism, and ecosystem development to create projects that are not only sustainable but also socially prosperous. Utilizing behavioral patterns within our culture, coupled with technologies, design, and function, he looks for ways to optimize Real Estate space to its fullest potential. 



Robert J. Larson is a Licensed Real Estate Broker, State Certified Real Estate Appraiser, Licensed Residential Builder, and former State Certified Assessor.  He has been active in real estate since 1984 and has been a full-time Realtor and Appraiser since 1987.   In the mid 1980’s Robert worked as an Assistant Assessor for the City of East Grand Rapids.  Prior to this he worked for the East Grand Rapids City Engineer as an Engineering Assistant.  Robert currently serves on the Grand Rapids Association of Realtors Professional Standards Committee and is currently active in association related issues.  He also serves as President for the Glenn Haven Shores Association and is Chairman of the Road and Architectural Committees.  Robert is the former Chairman of the Board of (a California based e-commerce services firm).

Is an accounting specialist with a background in financial and business advisory, financial reporting, and tax preparation. He holds two degrees from Grand Valley State University; A bachelors in finance and a masters in accounting. Spending several years in the banking and public accounting sectors has given him a deep insight and understanding of commercial and residential lending, financial management, tax planning and preparation, and accounting systems and bookkeeping for individuals and businesses.

His goal is be an advisor to individuals and businesses and to help fulfill their needs and progress their businesses through his accounting and financial expertise. He looks forward to being an asset to the people of his community, be it on development projects, property management, tax issues, or other business needs.

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